The Do It Yourself Car Regime

Your car is like your second home, it’s not just your partner in your everyday or your holiday time but it’s like your second home. It is our rightful duty to keep your car in the most perfect shape. Well it’s not a tough task at hand but all it requires is following a routine with your car.  It could be just simple cleaning of the car but doing it yourself is a completely different ball game altogether. It has two advantages, one it saves on your money and second and most important it gives you confidence with your car and gives you the psychological push that you can also handle your car and its maintenance aspects.

DIY Car Care Tips

The First Hand at Your Car

You can follow a few simple steps and see how beautifully it can work out for you.  First and foremost buy very good products for your car especially when it comes to oiling. Use very good oil for your car always which gives longer life to your car. Also regular oil change is a must for the car which keeps it in good lubrication all the time. Regarding finding the right place for putting the oil and how much to put, you need to get a little initial idea from your mechanic. You will have to get to know about the filters, replacing of the same and most importantly the screwing and unscrewing of the filters.


When we are talking about cars it will be very wrong on our part if we don’t talk about wipers and the windscreen. The windscreen holds the most important place in the car. The reason, if your view is not clear, then you are in the most hazardous situation. Thus it is always advisable to change your wipers from time to time so that you get a clear view. Also changing wipers is not an expensive exercise at all, all it takes is a right selection of the blade size so that you get perfect fit in your car. Every wiper blade comes with a manual, you just need to go through the same, follow the instructions and its all done. However, you have to be careful in securing them perfectly so that they can be perfectly attached to the original place.

Apart from the above a car is made up of a number of things, one must keep a good eye on the different fluids that the car requires in the right amount. Every car requires them in different proportions varying on the car make that one has. Also every car will have a different location for putting the same. A good experienced mechanic will be best for you and would be a good guide to you as well. So one must try and get acquainted with their cars fast so that you can be a good caretaker and a mechanic for your car as per the requirement.

Article by Scott Roes ( Leading cash car buyer in Arizona owing website

Your Car Your Second Home Needs Your Love and Care Too

i love my new carI still remember the day when dad got our first car home. I was in my school and used to be so excited to just catch a ride with dad in the car. It used to be such a pleasure to see dad give it a wash every Sunday and I so wished a time will come when I will have my own car. Well, those were the thoughts as a kid, now I am grown up and with my hard work have invested in a house and of course yes I have my car too. But as it says you have to work hard to get your car, the same way actually it’s tougher to maintain them.

My car is virtually an extension of my house. Whatever I can’t find in my house I am sure to find it in my car and be responsible towards it and why not. In today’s fast paced life when I am traveling for a greater part of the day, when I spend almost an hour and a half on the road, it becomes very important for me to be a good owner to my car. There are some very simple things that one should do for their car and make it a part of ones everyday and trust me they are very simple.

As you get up in the morning, before getting ready for your office you must wipe your car with a clean cloth. Keeps your car always good-looking. This also keeps the dust away from settling permanently on the car. Similarly the way you vacuum your house, the same way do the same for your car too.

Moving further you must keep a check on the oil levels on a regular basis so that your car works in a good manner. Also one should definitely use oil of a good brand seeing the suitability of your car. Further, every two month servicing of the car must be carried out where you must take your car to the garage. Also, the way you have your doctor whom you trust, the same way you must find a good garage where you are sure your car will be well taken care off.

There are so many memories that are attached to a car and it is a true souvenir of the time gone by. We must savor it to the best of our abilities so that when we plan to let it go, it can find itself another good home without any hassle.



Have you ever made a financial decision that profitable, that quickly on an old car you’ve owned?

In the month of May, We have bought four unwanted cars from car owners in phoenix. Each time, they have received trade-in offers from dealerships, sometimes more than one. Following is a list of the quoted prices of the highest dealer offers and the actual buying price of each car by us:

Car            Trade-in Offer       Buying Price
01 Miata               $4,000           $6,000
96 MX-6                $2,500           $4,500
04 RX-8                $6,000          $12,000
06 MINI JCW            $7,500          $12,500
Total                 $20,000          $35,000

Basically, if they (carowners) had traded these cars in at the dealership, they would be $15,000 poorer than they are now. That amount of money could buy any of the cars listed outright and have cash left over — an entire car’s worth of money just on refusing bad deals by trade-ins!

They disclosed that they negotiated with the dealers on each of the offers. This is the most they could get out of them.

They used Craigslist to find us to sell all four vehicles for cash instantly. The all used cars towed by us within a week of contacting us.

Unless your car is a complete junk heap, don’t do trade-ins. Get an offer from local cash car buyers and then see how much you can beat it by. The time you spend listing the car and going on test drives will pay a lot more than your job, unless you make enough to be buying supercars.

Donate Your Old Car – Not only Helps You but Also Towards a Noble Cause.

You love you car, don’t you?  But there comes a time when you are paying more out for these old cars than these are giving back to you. Due to the maintenance cost and the issues you already had with the car, you’d rather purchase another vehicle than put more money into Old one. Now its time to get rid of old car. frustrating old car

How best to do that? Sell it for cash?

If you need the money right away no matter the amount, well, then selling it to any scrap dealer or junkyards is your best option. It’s worthwhile to check on most dealers websites around the area, they usually have a decent used inventory.

But if you care about the worth of your old car then I recommend you to Get an idea of what your car’s worth from cash car buyers for a private sale or for trade-in values.

How about making a car donation for noble cause and to get tax relief as well.

Alternatively, you can gift it to a charity that you just wish to support; you may be able to then deduct the book value of your vehicle as a charitable donation off of your taxes next year; check with your accountant on this. Making a gift of it to a poor family that presently doesn’t have a car might be something to consider.
Obviously you do not want to fix your old damaged car, but to someone who has no transportation and needs a car to get to work it could be a godsend. many people can do their own car repairs, and would be thrilled to have something that at least runs to fix and drive. Your church, local food bank, or social service trusts could possibly know someone who would appreciate such a gift.

If you have any friends or relatives who have a 16 year old child in the family they may be interested in buying it as a first car or a project to fix up; however you will want them to be fully aware of the repairs needed in order to avoid problems. Your local vocational-technical school would I am sure be thrilled if you were to choose to donate your car to them as a practice vehicle for their auto mechanic students. As a used car buyer contacted by many auto mechanic tech schools, I can tell you that their budgets are so tight and it is difficult for many of them to find new practice vehicles for their students. This also may be tax deductible.

Sell you car for cash

Advertising it for sale in the local paper may get you a better response if you decide to sell it. Also, some used car dealers like Car buyers in Arizona, purchase old vehicles outright no matter what the condition as long as they can buy it cheaply enough to be able to take it to a dealer wholesale auction and make a small profit on it.